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Students enrolled at Shorter College enjoy a quality level of education at an affordable cost. Although it is a private college, the cost of tuition and fees is highly competitive with other public colleges and universities in the state. Out-of-state students are not charged additional fees.  All students are required to meet their financial obligations to the college each semester. Financial aid such as grants, loans, and scholarships are available to assist students with the cost of tuition, books and fees!  Payment arrangements are available to students who are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid.


Schedule of Tuition and Fees
​Full-time Students (12-15 hours):
​Part-time Students (1-11 hours):
​Overload Classes (Above 16 hours):
​Additional Fees (total):
Book Fee (subscription fee & eReader fee):
$2,100.00 per semester
​$175.00 per credit hour
​$175.00 per credit our
Total ​Tuition, Fees, Books/ Materials/ Supplies:

*Student Services Fee; Technology Fee; Activity Fee; Library Fee; Records Fee; Student ID & Vehicle Decal Fee

For more information about tuition, fees and student billing contact:
​Office of Fiscal Affairs
​(501) 374-6305 x-301